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Full Version: can't give Glass_container? Say wut?
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Don't paste the contents of it. It's found at Documents/Amnesia/Main on Windows.
Yep Smile This one?
Perhaps i should have said to not attach the file as well.

What do you understand from this?:
ERROR: Couldn't load image 'graphics/item/glass_container.tga'
ERROR: Could not load image 'graphics/item/glass_container.tga'!
ERROR: Could not create image 'glass_container.tga'! Not adding item 'glass_container_1'!
That it is not adding the item because it does not have the item image Big Grin yay problem solved Smile
new problem occurred! How do I add this image? Smile and very super much thank you for discovering it Smile
(05-06-2012, 10:00 PM)beecake Wrote: [ -> ]How do I add this image?

Why not just look in the <Amnesia>/graphics/item folder and point to one that does exist, in the script?
Yea you might be right... It just didnt make sense to
Me that the picture isn't called the same as the item Smile anyway thank

I'll try tomorrow.. Have to sleep to be awake for test tomorrow

EDIT: Dammit! To all you guys who didn't find it, then the picture is called glass_container_empty
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