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Full Version: Editor Busted, extreme lag and others
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Hey howdy hey. So I downloaded the Editor onto my nifty new Laptop, and it's having some issues.

First off, when I'm the 'full' view (viewing all 4 angles of the map), it lags severely. It isn't my computer's specs; this lil' laptop is fantastic.

Additionally, I cannot use the 'normal' view, or 4th window of the editor. When attempt to use this window, it simple removes the spaces between all 4 view windows.

What's busted, and how do I fix it?

(also, yeah, I did try re-downloading/installing it.)
Le bump!
well, what you could do is reset it.

1. go to "my-documents", find the HPL folder, and rename it to "HPL_OLD"

2. restart the level editor (after doing this, there should now be a new HPL folder in your my documents folder)

3. delete the HPL_OLD folder (this completely resets anything in the level editors' settings. its sort of as if you downloaded it onto a brand new computer. (maps wont be changed though, only the "recent files" list will be deleted, along with some other things. dont worry, it does NOT harm any work youve done)

let me know if the problem prevails

and also, if you have any other problems in the future, post them here: