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Full Version: I need a people who can help me in CS making!
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[Sorry of bad English]

Hello everyone! After 2 months I started to make a CS. But I have one problem. I need people who can join with me to create a unique (I think) CS called "Back to School". I not as good at scripting, I don't know lots of thing, so I need helper at scripting, and I need a person whose can be a good story writer ( I created a story but I don't know how to expand it ). I making maps, sometimes models, I have potential and I want to be a better creator!. I will appreciate for your help. If you want details comment here, or if you want to join, just write private message in my Mod Db profile: [url][/url] Don't forget to write a bit about yourself (your experience at making CS and who you are (a scripter, story maker etc.). Thanks for your attention. Wink