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Full Version: Retina MacBook Pro OS X 10.8 display issues
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Hello, so it's a similar issue to, except that I am running the game in OS X (Mountain Lion 10.8) instead.

The game seems to run fine in a window, but as soon as I put it in fullscreen, no matter what resolution I have it on it doesn't display correctly (regardless of if I choose a 16:10 or 4:3 ratio). Some of the image will appear in the top right of the screen (mostly) or it'll be stretched across the middle but with bits chopped off.

Any ideas on what I may be able to do to get it displaying properly?

i have oplayed the game in both windows and mac os and i thnk it is the way mac is you just have to play it windowed but if you set up your display and then run the game windowed with slightly smaller than your display you will get the closest to full screen
Well, I've worked out what it is. It's the automatic graphic switching. If you download gfxCardStatus and set it to only use the discrete card before going into it, it works fine.