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Full Version: could someone help me out with this script\editing
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Elevator help..
Who would like to help me out with a moving elevator...
Maybe one of u would like to help me or be in my team..
ADD ME ON SKYPE : redmaster12345
sorry for this... but need someone with experience..
Greets Lange..
You could have just waited for a moderator to move the other thread to this section. Traggey would have moved it here.
In case you might want to understand yourself, or you're unable to get help from a builder, I can tell you that it's an awful lot easier to script and built the elevator than you'd think.
Open the "elevator.hps" in "redist" > "maps" > "Ch1", and the level editor map - you might learn to script it yourself.

It works with one function similarly to the metal vet (elevators) in Cistern Entrance.
In the level editor you only need 2 things for this to work:

static objects>machine>elevator

Before I continue, I should tell you how it works. The actual elevator stands still (it is a static object), and the wall (which is a very large wall if you see it in the elevator) moves up or down, using a very specific script function. The elevator is a lie.

The function to use is:

SetMoveObjectStateExt(string& asName, float afState, float afAcc, float afMaxSpeed, float afSlowdownDist, bool abResetSpeed);

If you want the exact speed of the elevator used in the original game, you can use:

SetMoveObjectStateExt("Name_Of_Wall", 1, 2, 0, 0.2f, true);

To sell the effect that the elevator's moving, you can use particle systems to create sparks where the elevator connects with the wall and various sound effects.

Hope that helped.