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Full Version: Does anyone know the release date for BP for Linux?
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I know these are probably annoying questions that gets asked alot, but if anyone knows, when do you suppose it will be released for Linux?
same question here, my mouse has been hovering over the "buy now" button for the Linux version for a couple weeks now.

I thought I heard shortly after the windows release. it's been a while. i have no idea how long it takes though. I first learned about Penumbra in the end of May of '07, and I think I heard that was when it was released for Linux. When it was released for Windows, I don't know.
I just finished Overture and I'm ready to buy Linux version of Black Plague.
Please use this thread to post the release date when it's known.
I concur here.
I bought Overture for Linux, and will do the same for BP as soon as it is available. Please do not let Linux users down.
Black Plague will be released for Linux, right?