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Hey guys, I've been working on this project for a little over a month now, and although I'm not finished, I decided to share it with you here. It's a fan made comic (Japanese manga style) based off of the Justine DLC.

I'm thirty pages in, with about ten left to go. The story takes place before the events of Justine, and focuses primarily on Alois and his relationship with Justine. All three suitors are presented in normal, healthy form.

I don't claim to be an amazing artist, and a majority of this fancomic is my experimenting with my drawing program (Manga Studio Debut 4.0). My drawing style is heavily influenced by Japanese manga, so fair warning if that's not your thing/preferred style.
The story my interpretation of what happened before Justine, as with the image of the suitors pre-monsterfied. Of course, the actual Justine events/storyline belongs to Frictional Games, I wasn't hired by anyone nor am I selling this, etc. etc. This is entirely fanmade~

Everything reads from left to right:

Hope you enjoy what I have so far! <3

11/06/11 Edit: I started a new comic regarding Malo's story. I have it up here:
Hope you enjoy! <3

04/23/13 Edit: Hey everyone! Just letting you know, I'm still updating the second comic. I had to stop using SmackJeeves because they have a 500KB limit, and the more I had grown used to MangaStudio, the higher quality I've been making the pages, thus making a bigger file. I'm on the look out for other hosting sites right now, but in the meantime, I've been posting my comics on Deviantart. It's not the best choice as if you're not signed up some pages won't display (blah blah blah mature setting blah blah blah), but until I find another site, it's all I got~ ; w;

Justine: Mon Tout (Alois Racine's story)
Justine: Mon Esprit (Malo de Vigny's story) *on going!*

A little update on Mon Esprit - after theorizing with some friends, we found possible links between Penumbra and Amnesia: The Dark Descent within Justine. The story is getting a little crazy with the Penumbra bits, but hopefully it'll all come together in a conclusive arc!
I really enjoy reading mangas and I've seen so many different styles.
So as a manga veteran, I can say I really enjoyed reading this.
It would be good for Amnesia to have one too Smile
This is very interesting!

I'm looking forward to the final ten pages, a great tribute to the story of Justine.

Well done!
Hahaha very well done, especially Justine - she looks just EVILBig Grin
It seems there are two of us now.Tongue

Wow, nice.
Looking forward for more. Smile
Thank you so much! My original goal was to have everything wrapped up by the end of September, but since when do things go according to plan? lol
I'm a sucker for comics. I like your interpretation of the suitors. How often do you update?
Do you have any other comics you would like to share?
(10-02-2011, 01:58 AM)Frost Wrote: [ -> ]I'm a sucker for comics. I like your interpretation of the suitors. How often do you update?
Do you have any other comics you would like to share?
Thank you! My updates vary, but usually it ranges from daily to every other day, depending on school/fire department I volunteer at.
I don't have any other comics at the moment, but I'm tinkering around with ideas for my next project~

Great work Vasyenka! Can't wait to read the final pages.
we waiting.
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