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Full Version: Enable shadows for the hand latern?
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I remember that the lamps in Penumbra were casting dynamic shadows. The hand latern in Amnesia AMFP is not casting any shadows.

How can I enable it?

i don't think you can Sad
The only way that would be possible would be to import the hand model lantern entity into HPL and modify the light properties. I can't guarantee it will work, but it might.
If you just mean the hand lantern from Amnesia, open it up in the Model Editor, change the pointlight to a spotlight, give it some distance, change it's colour and turn on Cast Shadows. Might work, might not work.
That was a 6 month bump btw...
(02-17-2014, 09:18 PM)plutomaniac Wrote: [ -> ]That was a 6 month bump btw...

Missed that...
Heh, didn't see that either xP
Yeah I know for you two (Rom & Mud). It was going for the bumper. Anyway, locking it.