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Full Version: Amnesia: TDD - Real Life Experience
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Hey guys, just wanted to show you this video i filmed, totally inspired by Amnesia: TDD! Smile

If you want to know more about it, just check out the description!

Anyway i hope you like it, if you have any questions feel free to comment! Big Grin
cool video and thats an interesting place too!
great use of sound with stereo
Other than the sound assets used I fail to see how this is related to Amnesia? ^^'
Thank you guys! It was filmed at an abandoned school, very close to my house actually.

Well I didn't have a Gatherer or a giant castle at hand so, this is all i could think of lol The sound and music is related to Amnesia, there's a monster that we can't see but we hear him, it's dark and creepy, and there's the insanity video effect like in Amnesia. That's pretty much it! Smile I filmed this right after finishing the game, i liked it a lot so i thought i'd make a little video inspired by it. Smile