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Full Version: Door not auto-closing
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I'm currently using the wood_panneling_secret_door_01_painting entity from MFP in my story, and attempting to use a lever to make it swing open. However, it seems like no matter what I do, I can't turn off AutoClose. Here's my current script:

PHP Code:
void TimerPushCandle(string &in asTimer)

This script works on all my other doors, including MFP's secret_door02 entity. But when I run the script on this door, it unlocks but does not swing open. And when I swing it open and closed manually, it still auto-closes when it gets close enough to fully closed. Any help?
Make a Area that when your "secret_door02" touches, it freezes it.

As a test, wait a second and unfreeze it and see what it does.
I ended up mostly fixing the problem; "Body_door" was supposed to be "door_body."

It still auto-closes, but the force pushed it open, and I just disabled interaction.