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Full Version: .snt n00b
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What's the relationship between a .snt and its related .ogg files?

For example, in the amnesia "sounds" folder, scare_male_terrified.snt has 5 related scare_male_terrified(1-5).ogg sounds.

Are the .oggs necessary at all when you want to put scare_male_terrified.snt in the game?
as far is i've understood it the .snt file is like the option file for the according .ogg file(s).

So you can for instance setup ONE .snt file to randomly play different .ogg files.
That's why sometimes, there is more than one .snt file (soundname_1-9.snt) to be able to pick one out of the random playing ones while still keeping the .snt files that play the random sounds.

Not sure if you've got the point here, just hammering on the keyboard trying to get to say something xD
A .snt file tells the engine how to play a sound (loudness, min and max distance, loop etc), It's basically a wrapper for the actual sound file (.ogg). A .snt file can control more than one sound, if you have more than one sound set to a .snt file and try to play it, the engine will pick one of them at random; e.g, step_run_dirt.snt contains step_run_dirt1.ogg - step_run_dirt5.ogg.