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Full Version: MFP assets disappearing
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I have a very strange problem. In order to use the wood pannelling and custom walls from Machine for Pigs, I moved them into my main "static_objects" directory so that I could pull them straight from the LevelEditor's dropdown menu. I placed them all under a folder called "mansionbase2". However, to assure that there were no problems, every time I placed something, I would copy the file I needed into my custom story folder and then changed the file path to point to that one instead. Really roundabout way to do, and I don't really know why I was doing it that way, but whatever.

Now, when I delete the "mansionbase2" folder in my main directory, every single MFP wall in my custom story directory disappears, even though they are all assigned to the versions in my custom story folder. I scoured through my .map file to make sure, and every MFP wall has "custom_stories/A Coward's Debt/static_objects" in its filename, so I don't know why they are disappearing when the ones in the main directory are removed.

To test to make sure what was happening, I literally just cut the whole "mansionbase2" folder from my main directory and pasted it into my custom story folder. When I did this, the MFP walls in my custom story disappeared. And when I moved the folder back into the main directory, they reappeared. What is happening?
Is your mod folder listed in your redist/resources.cfg ?

<Directory Path="/A Coward's Debt" AddSubDirs="true" />