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Full Version: problem launching aamfp
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I launched amnesiaamfp and played half the game, then the next day I go to play and the game will not launch, I don't know whwat the problem is
Check the troubleshooting guides and only if you can't find a solution, attach the requested files mentioned there.
im confused its not a driver graphics problem because it worked the day before perfectly, must be a settings change or something
Is the game from steam? If yes try a file integrity check (problem I at the guide)
no its from pirate bay lol

and amnesia tdd works perfect all the time even now from pirate bay
I'm sorry, no support can be given for illegal copies of the game.
screw this site no help at all
Yes. Let's, With an illegal copy, go to the developers website, and flaunt that its stolen.

He expected help?