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Full Version: The Cryptid Games
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The Cryptid Games!
With TheJoker554 (me), TheHumanoid, and TheMachine777

My real name is Tristin, I'm 17, and I do da things
My other friends are Spencer and Skyler, and we just got started.

like, yesterday.

Right now, we're only doing comedyish content, and hopefully any scary multiplayer games that are out. (but Spencer is TOTAL WIMP. AND I HOPE HE'S READING THIS BECAUSE I HATE HIM.)

Microphone-Only, although when I start posting films, my face won't be any secret.

Spoiler below!

Yes, I know, I haven't made a profile pic yet, I'm getting someone on that.

I guess you could say what makes us different, is that we don't try hard to make a laugh.

It just happens, and we deal with it.