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Full Version: Need help with EXEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
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I've recently downloaded a map called Collapsing Cosmos: The silver key from Moddb and it seems to be popular on youtube right now. I tried it myself but had a problem when leaving a library map. after I got everything I needed from a library, I went to the door. it has a kind of small doorway before getting to the main door. when I go or even touch the doorway. then my amnesia crashes. and then the blackbox says "Amnesia caused an EXEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION in module amnesia.exe at 0023_0051CD7F". no one else has this problem since I watched the same place on a youtube channel and it never happened to them. just me. idk, what to do Confused
Go to your Documents\Amnesia\Main and post the hpl.log file so we can see why it crashed.
Mudbill will be here to save the day hopefully u_u. I am pretty confused about this bug, it happens when a custom suitor spawns if I am correct. Do you think it could because of another mod some people have installed ?
That is very possible. If the name of a file is identical to another it can be mixed up and cause problems.
Version 1.10 - s7D240FF2-539
-------- THE HPL ENGINE LOG ------------
Engine build ID 20101021192547

Creating Engine Modules
Creating graphics module
Creating system module
Creating resource module
Creating input module
Creating sound module
Creating physics module
Creating ai module
Creating gui module
Creating generate module
Creating haptic module
Creating scene module

Initializing Resources Module
Creating loader handlers
Creating resource managers
Adding loaders to handlers

Initializing Graphics Module
Init lowlevel graphics: 1366x768 bpp:32 fs:1 ms:0 gpufmt:2 cap:'Amnesia - The Dark Descent - Loading...' posSad-1x-1)
Setting video mode: 1366 x 768 - 32 bpp
Init Glew...OK
Setting up OpenGL
Vendor: Intel
Renderer: Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family
Version: 2.1.0 - Build
Max texture image units: 16
Max texture coord units: 8
Max user clip planes: 6
Two sided stencil: 1
Vertex Buffer Object: 1
Anisotropic filtering: 1
Max Anisotropic degree: 2
Multisampling: 1
Texture compression: 1
Texture compression S3TC: 1
Auto generate MipMaps: 1
Render to texture: 1
Max draw buffers: 8
Max color render targets: 8
Packed depth-stencil: 1
Texture float: 1
GLSL Version: 1.20 - Intel Build
ShaderModel 2: 1
ShaderModel 3: 1
ShaderModel 4: 0
OGL ATIFragmentShader: 0
ATTENTION: System does not support const arrays in glsl!
Setting up G-Bugger: type: 0 texturenum: 3

this is my hpl, and i don't know what that mean lol. Can someone please tell me what this means and if my computer can get past the crash upon launching bug
What OS are you on? Also graphic card and such. You do have the appropriate OpenGL version, but at the very top it says version 1.10 which makes me think you do not have the Justine expansion? That could be the problem, cause many mods require it.
Mobile IntelĀ® 4 Series Express Chipset Family

I don't think that graphic card can support Amnesia.
Chip type: Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family
DAC type: Internal
Adapter String: Mobile Intel® GMA 4500HD
Windows Vista

I got refunded on my purchase from Amazon, so at least it wasn't a complete waste of $. I am kind of bummed that I may not be able to play this game after reading the description though haha
(03-25-2014, 12:45 PM)thatguy521 Wrote: [ -> ]ATTENTION: System does not support const arrays in glsl!

Well, this line right here seems to be the problem. I actually encountered this as well once, but that was not hardware related. My problem had something to do with the Mac OS 10.9 which wasn't (and still isn't fully) supported. There is a work-around for this issue on the Mac, but if this actually IS hardware related, then I don't think there is much you can do with your current machine. I'm fairly certain Vista should be just fine running this game, so I doubt it's OS related. We even had cases of Windows 2000 running this game fine xP
So what do you suggest I try and do? Or is there any suggestions lol
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