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Full Version: Can't get game to start
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Windows 7 64bit

error message says that the game caused an exception access violation. I have just downloaded latest gpu driver and nothing changed. Not sure what else to do. I would greatly appreciate any help.
Where did you get the game? You seem to be missing some things.
The language error is normal. The first question though stands. It's required to provide accurate support.
I'm not sure what you are asking. I bought the game at gog so it is legal. However, after buying the game and seeing that it did not work, I downloaded a few copies from piratebay, but those did not work either. The log that I gave should be from the legal GOG copy since I have deleted everything else.
What is the last ran version?

Also try a reinstall of it from GoG
I didn't imply you had downloaded it illegally. It's that if you had bought it from steam, there are different steps to follow in order to figure out if there are corrupted files such as file integrity check etc. Steam is already updated but GOG may not. Have you tried this BETA update? My guess is that you have a controller plugged-in which could cause such a problem at the original version of the game.
The patch works perfectly so far. Thanks for the help.