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Full Version: I need modern assets
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Can anyone link me to all the modern assets please?
That would be great!
Which modern assets? The Machine for Pigs ones?
All is a very powerful word. Doubt anyone will be able to satisfy that request xP
(04-09-2014, 03:18 PM)Mudbill Wrote: [ -> ]Which modern assets? The Machine for Pigs ones?
All is a very powerful word. Doubt anyone will be able to satisfy that request xP

I'm talking about actual modern assets like a kitchen, car, road etc.
There's a car from White Night, ripped from Counter Strike Source (I believe. Saw the same car in prop hunt Tongue ). There are some in Premonition as well, but you may have to contact DnALANGE to use them.

Kitchen, there were some in the Dev Resources, but they seem to have vanished now. You may be able to get some from AAMFP or Penumbra though.

Road, there is a static_object road and pavement from the 1900 London in AAMFP, or you could make some planes for them Smile
Keep in mind, RIPPED CONTENT is NOT ALOWED as it is piracy.
Ahh yes, don't forget that either. The forum doesn't take kindly to piracy of any kind Smile
In order to find stuff you'll have to do a small amount of digging on the forum in the Resource section and ModDB. I found some futuristic/modern stuff in the way of walls, doors, floors, ceilings, key cards, key card panels and cell phones but you have to work for it yo!

My rule is, if it isn't up for download/grabbing on the forum or ModDB, then don't use it, but you could always just contact people and ask if you can use it. People are usually fine with it as long as they're credited in the credits and what not.

For the sake of a fellow member, the following links are where you can find some of the modern entities that I've managed to dig up.

Penumbra Models
Various models
Flashlight & batteries
As said above by Romulator;
Most of the people here are very kind and you might be free to use people's assets.
BUT, if you are NOT sure, just ask here on the forum Oor PM the person who made the assets.
About my assets from Premonition; Be free to use every single thing EXCEPT the assets from TheChaser ( ask him for permission ).
As for MY mods-folders.
I have NAMED them by it's creators.
So, if you would like to use some attets, check the name of the folder and put the name(s) of the creator(s) in the credits.
Like, if you use some of my textures ( over 50 new ones ) Just credit the person.
Hope this helps you out.
Extra info : IF you have bought Amnesia Machine For Pigs, you may use their assets in your mod.
There are TONS of amazing assets \ music \ particles etc etc in their game.