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Full Version: Amnesia trailer/music video
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A friend of mine wrote some music, and I threw it together with some clips from Amnesia to make a sort of trailer/music video.

I'm interested in seeing what people think of it.

Thanks for checking it out!

Have a good one
It's... alright for mashing it with Amnesia, but at times, the music definitely does not suit Amnesia's atmosphere. The opening (before Abyss), excellent, but the area shortly after, no. Should be "darker". With that said, the elevator scene's tension works well with the music.

The song itself starts off well, and then it goes downhill after a while IMO. But then again, I do listen to much older music. Once Amnesia's scenes disappear, it definitely becomes average to me. I can't tell you what will make it better, but those high pitched noises at the end really irritate my ears.

I've heard better music, but I have heard worse too.