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Full Version: [Updated]Invisible AMFP meshes? (And Other Questions)
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I've been in the process of going through my AMFP assets to see if there's anything I want to use in my CS. I'm doing this because I read on here that most AMFP ent files won't work right so you need to import the mesh and make a new .ent. Problem is I'd say about 70% of everything I import is either invisible or has invisible parts. Highlighting the empty space shows a wireframe of what is supposed to be there. Is this normal or is there something I'm doing wrong?

(Example: I want to use the pigline grinder blades for a scare, but when I import them only the blades are visible, not the spindle. Looking in the ent file points me to something called grinder_spindle_01 as the submesh but that file doesn't exist anywhere in my AMFP folders.)
Are you sure you deleted the .msh and .anm files from the aamfp files?
Yep, that's the first thing I did. I also copied my Static Object, Entities and Texture folders to their own location on my HDD so I could work easier with them, but I still have the issue if I load the ones directly from the AMFP folder.
For invisible textures I open the .dae and down in <library_images> I check every file from the list whether I have the .mat or not. Then I open that said .mat and check there each image as well.

Sometimes you think you have the files, but actually the editor couldn't load any because that location is not in the resources.cfg it's using. It happened to me =p
(07-21-2014, 05:38 AM)victorkim890(KimmyChimmy) Wrote: [ -> ]
i found out why its invisable

Thanks for the link. I'll watch that video later. Smile
did u download the patch for the level editor in this thread this is the patch to let machine for pigs stuff to be in amnesia the dark descent
OK, so I *THINK* I figured out the problem. I had done everything I was supposed to, except instead of merging the AMFP folders with the TDD folders, I put them in their own location. My plan was to go through each AMFP object individually and determine which ones I wanted to use so I knew what to include in my custom story download (I know most AMFP objects are pretty obvious but I was still worried I might miss a few thinking they were TDD objects and end up not including them in my download)

Because of this, the editor was unable to find everything it needed. For instance the spindle on the grinder blades seems to be a material found somewhere else in the folders, and since the secluded folders I was using aren't in my resources.cfg then it didn't know where to look. My mistake was assuming that everything needed for a particular entity would be in its own entity folder. After some creative deleting (Deleting a bit then reloading the model editor and repeating until the spindle vanished again) I've determined that the "spindle" part of the Grinder Blades are tucked away somewhere in the Static Objects folder of AMFP.

I guess my new question is this: Is there an easy way to find where the assets a particular entity uses are located? After a bit more creative deleting I've discovered that the file necessary for making my spindle appear is trippery_wall_bloody.mat and a few of its buddies, tucked away in static_objects/pigline/walls. Which is odd because I opened the .ent file for my grinder blades and it says absolutely nothing about those datburn walls...

EDIT: Well aren't I just the world's biggest freaking goober. On a hunch I tried opening the DAE file in notepad instead of the ENT file, and sure e-flipping-nough, it says trippery_wall_bloody.mat right there. So I guess if I want to use a particular entity from AMFP in my cs, I should always look at the DAE file and make sure I go grab everything it mentions to add to my download.

And to think I spent 3 hours last night going through AMFP assets to see what I wanted to use, only to delete half of them when they didn't load right.
It might be quicker to look at the .mat files instead of the .dae files since they contain less. The .ent file tells which model file to use (dae), the .mat file says which texture file to use (dds), the .dae file tells which texture is used too, but I don't think it's used, because it uses the original texture file, whereas Amnesia filters those textures through material files. I'm assuming the .msh file tells the game which mat file to use for each model.
guess u can only use those machine for pigs and u cant use the other half of them since the patch is still a beta
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