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Full Version: BP Mental Realms Barrel-Puzzle Broken on Mac
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though nobody answered on my other thread here, I am now quite sure this is a bug:

Positioning all Barrels on the correct rings (green/blue mixed) accurately does not trigger any action. The door-valve keeps stuck. Loading a previous save-game and re-doing the Mental Realm does not solve this problem.

Mac PPC, 10.5.6
Penumbra Black Plague v. 1.0.2595

Is there any kind of cheat so I can skip this level?
Cannot anybody help me with this, I am completely stuck there and thus cannot play anymore?

Isn't there any way to skip this level, or force open the door, or force the trigger, or edit the script so it always triggers?
Could you take the saved game and post it here so that we can examine it a bit.

Saves are in ~/library/preferences/frictonalgames/penumbra/blackplague/save
(08-27-2009, 02:50 PM)jens Wrote: [ -> ]Could you take the saved game and post it here so that we can examine it a bit.
This is very kind of you!
...and just to make sure i did everything right and so you can see how it looks at my mac, i attached a video (should be playable using quicktime)
I have attached the save, it's just after completing the puzzle.

You did it correctly, but for some reason two of the rings do not work as they should. Bu the first ring was working correctly, there is also a bug that lets you put all three barrels in the same ring to complete the puzzle, so I used that bug to do it.

Hope it will work OK for the rest of the game!
Moved from Technical Support to Mac - Technical Support. Wink:
Awesome! Works perfectly. Thank you!

Just played some minutes to see if it works and the game got me again already.