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Full Version: Custom Story Installation Problems!
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Please help me! I want to install The Dark Room for Amnesia The Dark Descent (which I downloaded from the Steam store) but I have no clue what to do!!!Huh
Um, you click install after buying it? I don't see the problem. Can you explain?
Dark Room has a readme with instructions on how to install.
Ah, right. Custom stories. I misread the post.

Yes it has a readme. I believe it's like a normal CS with the exception of moving a few folders to the root of Amnesia, like billboards and entities. It's like half a mod.
A half conversion!
I tried that but I don't have all the billboards etc! All I have is a pic that says shortuct.icns or something like that!!!
shortcut.icns? That's odd. That's a Mac-specific icon file. Where did you download it, and what does it contain? If that's all, you surely got the wrong thing.
I downloaded it from the Steam Store!
I right click on Amnesia The Dark Descent in Applications and click show package contents, I then open the Contents folder, after that I open up the Resources folder and all I have is the Amnesia logo that's called shortcut.icns!
Dark Room is on Steam? Do you mean you got Amnesia on Steam? You didn't mention being on a Mac computer, but it sounds like you are.

You're looking in the wrong place. Have you installed normal custom stories before? You can try opening the launcher for the game and clicking the "Open custom stories folder" button. That should get you where you need to be. After that, place the Dark Room folder in there, but move certain folders a bit back in the hierarchy, into the entities, billboards and possible more. Read the text file it comes with.
Ummm due this is the Mac support forum... And yes I downloaded Amnesia from Steam. I also dragged the Dark Room folder into the custom stories tab but it still doesn't work...
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