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Full Version: Interview with Frictional's Thomas Grip + Fiend LP
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Howdy all,

Last year, I interviewed Frictional Games' Creative Director, Thomas Grip, for the Lovecraft eZine (the interview is online here).

We got talking about his first horror game, 'Fiend', which he released for free in 2001. I remember playing Fiend on its release, but I don't think I ever finished it. So I've started a a podcast of my playthrough (as well as a complementary "Let's Play" series of videos on YouTube).

You can find the full list of episodes on my website:

And, if you want a taste, the latest episode is up on YouTube:

The audio quality gets much better as I go along (I've been learning a lot about recording and editing audio!). The plan is, eventually, to also cover other related oddities like the Unbirth demo and the Penumbra Tech Demo.

Hope you enjoy!

P.S. The audio version of episode 1 includes extracts from the interview with Grip!