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Full Version: Problem with loading
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Good afternoon!
I purchased the game on Steam. I problemma after that to be a flood and roof collapse. Nothing happens, the black screen, sometimes completely freezes.
Mac OS X 10.8.5. Nvidia GeForse GTX 650 1024 mb. ExclamationAngry

Attach files hpl.log
Can you try and verify the cache integrity on steam? Right click soma, properties, local files, verify cache integrity.
After updating the cache. Errors corrected, but the game is completely stopped running.
Mac writes: An unexpected application termination SOMA.

Attach files mac.log
This should be fixed with the latest steam update. Let me know if that isn't the case.
Unfortunately, does not change.
Here are the latest logs:
Please try out the latest public_beta:

I believe I implemented a fix for your issue. If you are still having issues please post the text from the Mac crash dialog.
I fixed the previously posted crash log, so if you get a crash dialog again please post apple's crash report.

If you still have this issue please post detailed system information. You can find this via Steam->Help->System Information. I have a similar hardware setup and no longer have issues myself after making the fixes. Updating to a newer version OS X (which will update your graphics drivers) may resolve this issue for you.