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Full Version: LoadLibrary failed with error 126: The module could not be found
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Uncle Carbuncle

Preordered SOMA and was very excited to try it out.
To my tremendous dismay the game won't even launch...
Getting the error message "LoadLibrary failed with error 126: The module could not be found" upon trying to boot up the game.
Hardware is far above the recommended for this game.
Checked both of the troubleshooting threads and did the necessary steps, as well as the steps for troubleshooting LL error 126, to no avail.
For now I've had to have my purchase refunded:
[Image: lPlHgSI.png]
But I will gladly repurchase once it's confirmed that the game is working properly.
Given the amount of errors listed on this forum and the many negative Steam reviews, something is seriously wrong with this release.
I just hope that Frictional get cracking on patching this mess.