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Full Version: Game refusing to open
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Hello. I played Black Plague when it came out years ago and loved it. I got all the games on Steam recently so I can enjoy a dark survival horror game influenced by Lovecraft. And I've run into a problem:
I open it via Steam (or desktop, it doesn't matter) and the screen goes black momentarily, and then the game minimizes. Try as I might, I cannot get the game to go full screen anymore. When I hover my mouse over the icon on the taskbar, it shows an image of my desktop with a black rectangle in the top left corner. Only one time have I been able to get it to run properly: after I updated my video drivers. I played for a bit, closed it, came back the next day and I have had the exact same issue ever since.

Any ideas? I'm running Windows 10, with an EVGA GTX 960.

I see I should post the hpl file. I will do so when I am at my desktop again. I apologize.
Did you change anything with the video settings on that first time it was working? It might be something with the settings that you changed and it did not like?