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Full Version: Will the 1.0.1 patch ever be released for Linux?
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I just purchased the game a couple of days ago, and I'm curious as to why the 1.0.1 patch is only available for Windows.
It looks like it has plenty of fixes for the game, so why isn't there a Linux (or even a Mac) patch released? Will there be one soon?

Speaking of the devil, I am in the middle of doing scp server/ to server2/ So yes, today it will be released! there both Mac & Linux updates released.
Guess I should have waited about an hour before asking. Blush

For the windows demo it says "Windows Demo 1.0.1" but for the Linux one it still says "Linux Demo".
Is the Linux demo-version already updated/will it be updated?
Can you check now, the 1.0.1 demo is available here
(10-04-2010, 08:48 AM)jens Wrote: [ -> ] there both Mac & Linux updates released.
Could you also make a sticky thread in Frictional Games Forum / Amnesia: The Dark Descent / Technical Support / Linux [Mac] - Technical Support subforums like the Windows subforum has?

I was looking for this patch and i did not see it mentioned anywere.
Licaon_Kter, thanks for the suggestion.. I thought those posts had already been made. They are there now..