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Full Version: Renderer #0 could not be initialized
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Hi there, please help me:

Alright so i've read the troubleshooting guide, the only problem is that my laptop is newly bought and has a pretty kickass graphics card etc. so the solution to the FATAL ERROR: Renderer #0 could not be initialized doesn't work because it's focused on low quality graphic cards etc.

so basically my problem is, when i try to run the game (Through steam) it gives me the "Renderer #0 could not be initialized" problem, but the problem shouldn't be my driver since i just updated it, also i'm using a GeForce GT 425M graphic card... please help me?

Oh i totally forgot:



Please help Smile
need help with this problem too
Hmm, I have this problem every now and then when launching the game while the level editor is open.
But you probably don't have that open. ^^ Try switching to low graphics anyway.
Original poster, check the solutions guide again and try the tips there, because according to the log you posted the game is trying to use the intel integrated graphics chip and not your 425M.
Aaah okay Jens

- I can't seem to find the section in the guide that would help me, probably because i have no idea what i'm looking for... Can you tell me here, in this thread, what i have to do to get it to use my 425M card?
Check A.5
Finally got it working, thank you so much, i'm very 'honored' that the two creators helped me out Smile (Just had to go to my graphics card control panel and to the 3D panel and then change the settings from automatic to my 425M, But i must say, it was quite hard to figure out since my computer language is set to Danish, hehe Smile )

The game is absolutely amazing, Tusinde mange gange tak! Smile
Hi I am having the same problem here (mostly) I dl'd the demo from Steam, because I have to wait for my paycheck to actually buy the whole thing, but when I try to launch the demo, my screen goes black, the resolution changes to something like 600x800, flashes black and then the FATAL ERROR window comes up with the Renderer #0 issue.
I have installed all the available updates for my graphics card driver, and I'm really not terribly fluent in everything computer-related, but I would really like to resolve this issue before I purchase a game, so that I know it at least works.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone could give

Your graphics card is not capable of running the game I am afraid.
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