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Full Version: how long before this thread gets locked
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sometimes i wonder if mods are here it has been long time yes i am dogfoood also known as wubwub few years ago i posted here daily you can say i'm the most popular guy on frictional games forums next to traggey but he doesnt count because he's a mod and he bans people so he is evil anynway this thread is here to check how long before i get shut down and silenced

my prediction is this thread will get locked by FG staff or traggey/romulator wait a minute is romulator still alive or did he OD on applecider juice?

[Image: MZHxPqA.jpg?fb]
So what are we going to discuss?
Now I wanna OD on applecider juice.
I'm still here.

Not going to lock it though. I'm lazy.

Come on Traggey or Kreek. Do your thang.
Fine I'll bite.