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Full Version: New Standalone Penumbra Game (Full Tech Demo)
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Dear Penumbra Fans,
It has been many years since the last Penumbra Game in the series and to a lot of us this is very disappointing but, I have some great News for anybody wanting a new standalone Penumbra Game.

[Image: Screenshot%20%2870%29.png]

If you have ever played the Penumbra Tech demo you know that it is extremely buggy as well as short. The entire experience is around 20-30 minutes long. This is very sad because the tech demo had a more unique feel than all the other Penumbra games. In my personal opinion I enjoyed this feeling more than what the other games gave you. It was more of a lonely and abandoned feeling you got.

[Image: Screenshot%20%2869%29.png]

What I have set out to do is recreate the tech demo and turn it into a full game. Instead of the 20-30 minute experience you received with the original tech demo you get a 2 hour long experience. The game will also run on Unreal engine 4 and not have many of the issues the original tech demo had, it will also look more visually stunning. This game will be completely free for anybody to play.

Go to our website to see more screenshots of the game:
Thank you!

And Yes we will be crediting fg for the concept/ideas, music, models, sounds.