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Full Version: Motion Blur
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yes, normaly it should
its just a shader, not a esential part of the game (esantial to the atmosphere imo tough)
Well it worked well for me but I do have Shader model 3.0 card in my machine
It made a bit of an improvement not that I really study game graphics that much
Wow, very nice. The game runs so much smoother! Haha...I'm happy.

Definitely include this in an upcoming patch, if possible...maybe make two different versions for those without shader 3.0 support... interesting thing I note, aside from the higher FPS, is a lot more image tearing (I believe that is the term)...not too detracting, but painful to look at sometimes...
yup, its in the patch. I re-opened the file just now after its been patched, and it mentions johnathan Wink

[edit] although it looks a bit different from his code.
You could get rid of the dynamic loop with a sparse kernel (keeping the number of samples constant and only adjusting the width of the kernel based on velocity). It'll be a bit grainy at large kernel sizes but look reasonably good for motion blur and should be pretty quick as well. If there is a downsampled version (size/2) of the texture, or if it happens to have mip levels) you could use a half sized version to reduce the number of texture samples - every tex2D call expands to up to eight or so instructions - obviously the downsampled texture would have to be supplied by the engine so this can't be done by just tweaking the shader Wink
Also, to get a better sample rate, adjusting the sample position to be at the corners of texels ( s + 1/texWidth and t+1/texHeight) should improve quality a bit, because bilinear filtering will give you an exact average over four texels with every sample Smile

Just my $0.02. I might try this later tonight to see what it looks like Smile
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