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Full Version: (V1.2) Tetris: The dark descent
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I am thinking the mod creator is quite happy pretty much all of Frictional Games has praised him!
Incredicly creative as well as a lot of skill. Well done indeed.
Thomas Grip likes it, jens likes it, we like it, EVERYBODY LIKES IT !! Now go make Grunt brothers xD
Never in all eternity would I have even had the slightest fleeting notion of something like this. Well done! Tongue
Wow! I didn't even know that was possible! xD I love the name "Tetris the Dark Descent"! Epicness...
Wow, this must taken ALOT of work to get it working, congrats!
I am really grateful for all the great comments this project has received. Especially massive thanks to Frictional games for posting this mod on their twitter Big Grin.
Spoiler below!

Quote:Now go make Grunt brothers xD
You guessed the next project!

Not kidding. "Super mario bros" done in amnesia. I should hopefully have it wrapped up by the end of the month, or at least be very nearly there. I am a good way into producing the mod now (there is actual game-play!). There will be some amnesia related twists - and that's all i intend to say until the mod is released (surprises are fun!). Oh, and a script that is a lot better to read (albeit it probably surpassing 1k lines) now I have defined regions in notepad++, and know I can use classes in the scripts.

Just by watching the youtube clip I gotta say...impressive Smile
WOW! Tetris in Amnesia! :O
Yay, 68089. Wink
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