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Full Version: Loading Error
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I have since this beaten the game but i will recount this weird error for you:

I made it to the part after you use the ladder to climb into the spider cave (leading to the storage room). The game autosaved before the boulder that crushes you part and i died there like a million times trying to outrun it. One of the times while loading the game appeared locked up. (maybe some infinite loop brought about by clicking so angrily after dying so many times) Anyway i restarted my computer and it worked fine until I beat the game and quit playing.
Right, try reinstalling the game, and saving your saves.

Oh and BTW, to beat that boulder, go back from where you came and when it has passed, go forward 8).

Uh, like i mentioned I already made it past. It was a one-time error. I thought it deserved mention though. Thanks for suggestion though.