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Retro Game Reviews - Koi Kitsune2006 - 07-29-2007

I joined a Youtube trend which basically reviews old video games. I am talking about NES, SNES, etc. Well, allow me to give you the links to my reviews thus far by order of newest to oldest. (Newest is better then my oldest)

Awesome Classic Games-Rygar

Because someone has to do it (More like a montage)

Craptacular Games-1999

Craptacular Games-Checkered Flag

Frustrating Games-Marble Madness

Awesome Classic Games-Flashback

Craptacular Games-Home Alone

Craptacular Games-Gotcha! The Sport

Craptacular Games-Booby Kids (The title isn't fake)

Craptacular Games-AD&D Heroes of the Lance

Awesome Classic Games-Dragon Spirit (Part 1) (Part 2)

And my Youtube Channel so you can Subscribe to me, if you have a Youtube account. Smile

I also want to host the Penumbra Overture trailer I made awhile back. I will probably do that abit later. Enjoy guys! ^_^ I will update soon if you like. Big Grin