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Painful shadows.[RELEASED] - kartanonperuna - 02-05-2012

Safe Painful shadows is a custom story I'm working on.It's about a thief,Rikhard who steals all kind of stuff for his clients.But one day he gets invited to his good friends ,also his client, house.The job that changed everything.

Heavily inspired by Thief stealth game series.

I'm trying to make it as atmosphereic as possible.I'm gonna do the voice acting myself.

This story is more focusing on the story then scariness.It has that creepy atmosphere though.


[Image: painfulshadows.jpg]

[Image: Amnesia2012-02-1817-38-57-40.png]

And new pics:

Pagan cave:


Voice actors:


RE: Safe shadows. - HumiliatioN - 02-05-2012

Sounds good. Good luck! Smile

RE: Safe shadows. - kartanonperuna - 02-05-2012

Thanks.I'm soon going to release some screenshots.

RE: Safe shadows. - kartanonperuna - 02-06-2012

Upadated with the first screenshot.(Main Character's hideout.)

RE: Safe shadows. - kartanonperuna - 02-07-2012

If anyone wants to test the beginning send me pm.

EDIT: No longer possible.

RE: Painful shadows. - kartanonperuna - 02-14-2012

Name change.After doing the intro it feels that it fits better.
Added trailer.

RE: Painful shadows. - Aadnesigurd - 02-14-2012

You should make a thread looking for voice actors.
Anyway, tell me when this custom story is done =)
PM Big Grin

RE: Painful shadows. - kartanonperuna - 02-14-2012

Why?I already pretty much have all voices.By Rigi,Xss,Elven and me.

RE: Painful shadows. - Quotentote - 02-14-2012

kartan has such a huge personality, he could act 17 differect charakters :3

RE: Painful shadows. - kartanonperuna - 02-15-2012

Dont know bout that.The guards at least in THIS cs has pretty much only three kinds of voices.