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message wont activate - zombiehacker595 - 04-02-2012

SetEntityPlayerInteractCallback("crowbar_1", "Message2", true);

void Message2(string &in asChild, string &in asParent, int alState)
SetMessage("Messages", "Popup5", 0);

void crowbarpickup(string &in asEntity, string &in type)
PlaySoundAtEntity("", "attack_claw_hit.snt", "Player", 0, false);
GivePlayerDamage(15.0f, "damage_claws2", false, false);
GiveSanityDamage(5.0f, true);

<CATEGORY Name="Messages">
<Entry Name="Popup5">Ahh What Was That</Entry>

so basically i want this .lang message to show up when i pick up the crowbar ive done pop up messages that worked before on script areas but im not sure whats wrong with this one any one got any ideas?

RE: message wont activate - Datguy5 - 04-02-2012

Put a </LANGUAGE> in the end like this:

< CATEGORY Name="Messages">

< Entry Name="Popup5">Ahh What Was That</Entry>



If it doesnt work try checking this tutorial