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GiveSanityDamage - kiruclanz - 04-05-2012

Yeah, I'm a bit of a noob. I'm terrible at "Experimenting" with amnesia level editor due to it having one bad line of code the entire game crashes. So I just follow tutorials exactly as they tell me lol. What I want to do is make the player reduce sanity when looking at something. (Like a dead body, etc) so could anyone tell me how? (Not just the lien of code, I mean like where to put it and stuff Tongue)

--EDIT: Also, how do I make a sound play when I look at it?

RE: GiveSanityDamage - Kreekakon - 04-05-2012

First let's start off in the level editor. Take a dead body, put it where you want, and name it "deadbody".

Then let's start from the basics in your script. Your barebone script file will look something like this:

// Run first time starting map
void OnStart()
// Run when entering map
void OnEnter()


// Run when leaving map
void OnLeave()

Then take a look at this taken from the engine scripts:
void SetEntityPlayerLookAtCallback(string& asName, string& asCallback, bool abRemoveWhenLookedAt);

Calls a function when the player looks at a certain entity.
Callback syntax: void MyFunc(string &in asEntity, int alState)

alState: 1 = looking, -1 = not looking
asName - internal name
asCallback - function to call
abRemoveWhenLookedAt - determines whether the callback should be removed when the player looked at the entity

EDIT: I removed the previously above text, as it seemed that it wasn't correct, and I couldn't get it to work either.