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My First Map - Combustible Lemon - 04-15-2012

A short little map i made when i was bored.
This is the first custom story ive made.
Hope you like it. Big Grin

I named it someplace because I couldn't think of a name.

RE: My First Map - Cranky Old Man - 04-15-2012

If I play this map, will I meet Jesus?

RE: My First Map - Xanthos - 04-15-2012

Can you please upload somewhere else like mediafire?

RE: My First Map - Nickshrike - 04-15-2012

Umm, im not sure whether it's the sites fault or the fact you didn't put any files inside the zip archive.

Could you try uploading again?

RE: My First Map - Combustible Lemon - 04-15-2012

Media fire wont work but ill try uploading it again I guess.


RE: My First Map - Nickshrike - 04-15-2012

For a joke map (with poofers and randomly resized objects) it ain't too bad, no teleporting naked guys or other weird jump scares so that's nice. It had a small amount of horror in it which could of been increased with a bit better scripting.

I have a few suggestions/problems/notes below:
Spoiler below!
Stocked me up too much in first room, I don't need this much oil when I start with full oil.
Random agrippa head in closet and a massive note, i'll assume this is a joke story Tongue
I liked how you did the next room with the 3 doors and the brute, it would be nice if you made the brute respawn rather than letting it disappear when you die.
Oh dear, a poofer. Pretty obvious too, spawned while I was in a dead end >_<
Interesting what you make happen when you walk off the side, pretty unique.
I managed to walk off the side and fall to oblivion though with no landing the second time I walked off, might wanna fix that. Tongue

Why did map2 spawn me in a room where I had to go back where I came from?
Oh ok, that was the end, might wanna prevent the player from seeing through the walls back where they came from and not allow them to jump straight off the side.
Since you don't know how to do credits(and possibly other stuff), I suggest you look up some tutorials, if you want further help feel free to private message me so I can teach you directly.

I'll give it 2/5 but it could be 3/5 if you took your time with the scripting and learnt how to do things properly.

RE: My First Map - ThoseRandomGuyz - 04-15-2012

Can you please add a new link? Thank you! Big Grin