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Custom Floor help? - Xanthos - 05-20-2012

I want to use a new floor/roof texture for Amnesia.
I already looked around and saw a mat file and dds file.
Can anyone guide me through making any of those files or better yet help me with a tutorial on how to making an entire texture.

I have Adobe Photoshop if that can help at all.

RE: Custom Floor help? - SilentStriker - 05-20-2012

To make the texture you need to make a texture that is tilable, and to make your texture you use photoshop or gimp with there corresponding dds plugin. The mat file is created inside the material editor Smile

RE: Custom Floor help? - Statyk - 05-21-2012

To prevent some mistakes perhaps, make sure the texture is a power of two as it is a .dds:


For a floor texture, it is preferred to use 1024x1024.