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Avaliable to mac?I - Brothersvv09 - 08-26-2012

I am suing 1 2.16 GHz inTEL cORE 2 Duo on my mac! When ever i run amnesia i get regular lag.. well... slow lag on the main screen and even when i play. so.. also whenever i try software update it does not show another graphics update.. i am using a late mac 2006 and yeah.... :/.... can i fix this or no? thanks!

RE: Avaliable to mac?I - johnbox - 08-26-2012

i would advise you to simply try the normal stuff, like ccleaner, maybe defragmenting the hdd, but i won't have so much hope in this. just try to set everthing on very low, also in your os x-settings, (i'm not very known in mac-things, but there should be something), in amnesia, and if it's still lagging... maybe play penumbra? Undecided