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Is it possible to get a Steam Key - Locoxella - 02-19-2013

So, here's the thing. I bought Penumbra Collection a long ago, start to playing it and then stop. Some months later, decided to re-install and resume, but I discovered that my download links were gone. I contacted support with a private message and get new download links. Now, again, I stop playing it and decided to resume after some more months, and again, I can't find a way to re-download the game (plus, my former Forum user was deleted and I had to create a new one). So, I was wondering if there's a way to get a Steam Key other than buying the game a second time (It's there any price you can put to it if this cost money to you?), so I can keep downloading and erasing the game at the obnoxious rate I'm used to. This will be very handy, I would never had dream that there will be a Steam for Linux and this game will be on it back when I made the purchase.

Thanks for your time.

RE: Is it possible to get a Steam Key - plutomaniac - 02-19-2013

That is not possible. However, steam is 75% off at the moment so there is no better time to go for a purchase. It's only 3,75€...