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Tarko's Playthrough [Complete] - TarkoRehin - 09-15-2013

Skip to post two if you're only interested in link to the videos/channel

Like many others I decided to do a recorded playthrough of the new Amnesia game, I have completed the game and have uploaded four episodes so far.

I am still learning a lot about editing and would appreciate some assistance/tips from more experienced editers.

On my fourth video I had a fair amount of fun editing the video, and I personally felt that the quality of the editing went considerably up, however there is one issue that constantly bothers me, I cannot find a good way to fix the darkness issue I'm having when editing.

I'm using Sony Vegas 12, and currently using Video FX to change the levels of the video using the Computer RGB to Studio RGB preset, but I feel that the video turns kinda red-ish and am looking for better options.

Here is the video I was talking about:

I am uploading videos daily, if there isn't a new video each day, it's probably because something went wrong with the rendering or I felt the editing wasn't up to par.

Tarko's Playthrough, All Related Videos - TarkoRehin - 09-16-2013

Newest Video - Part 8 - Uploaded: 20th September:

Older Videos
18th September - Part 7 -
17th September - Part 6 -
16th September - Part 5 -
15th September - Part 4:
13th September - Part 3:
12th September - Part 2:
11th September - Part 1:


RE: Tarko's Playthrough [Complete] - TarkoRehin - 09-21-2013

All of the playthrough has been uploaded now, thanks to anyone who watched.
I'm not sure what to do next, feel free to give me ideas, be aware that I don't really have a whole lot of money.