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Cursor stuck - Fleische - 09-25-2013

When I launch the game, the mouse cursor seems to think it is on a much smaller screen than it actually is. When I move it far enough to reach the right or bottom of this imaginary screen it springs back to the top left and now will move even less far.

I can work around thiss to an extent because fortunately all menus are keyboard navigable too, but IDK if this will cause gameplay issues.

By default the game launches in 2048x1152 but even at 640x480 the mouse box is a bit smaller.

Attached is my hpl.log (why all the warnings and errors).

RE: Cursor stuck - Romulator - 09-25-2013

Dunno if this will help, but perhaps lower the resolution of the game to the maximum of your screen, and run the game in Windowed mode? If the game loses focus (like, it is not the active application) it will cause the mouse to be in the top left corner and becomes difficult to move from that spot. I have a similar issue on my Windows Laptop, but I always run the game in full screen, so I would have yet to test it in Windowed.

RE: Cursor stuck - Fleische - 09-25-2013

Yeah lowering res to 1680x1050 worked (both windowed and fs). Now that I think about it my monitor's max is 1920x1080 so I'm not sure why 2048x1152 was even offered.

RE: Cursor stuck - Romulator - 09-26-2013

Who knows? 1366x768 was always easiest for me.
Enjoy the game!

RE: Cursor stuck - GroteBlup - 11-13-2013

Hmmm, actually it doesn't really work for me. I can't even select my profile. I have to very slowly point the cursor to the X, and then again very slowly to yes I want to quit.
It's like the good-old-wine reset the mouse when it's outside of the bounding-box, but the bounding box is defined to small.

If I start in windowed mode full screen resolution, and select full screen in the window manager, the mouse works. In game too. Until I get to the first letter, and then it is warped back again to top left.
Opening the drawers is also a pain, because it's a random chance of 10% if the next click will release the drawer.

RE: Cursor stuck - GroteBlup - 11-13-2013

Just to compare it: atdd just works perfectly.

RE: Cursor stuck - GroteBlup - 12-09-2013

Ok, it only works in windowed mode full screen.
If you use icewm these are the lines:

AmnesiaAMFP\.bin\.x86.fResize: 0
AmnesiaAMFP\.bin\.x86.dBorder: 0
AmnesiaAMFP\.bin\.x86.dTitleBar: 0
AmnesiaAMFP\.bin\.x86.layer: AboveDock
that go in ~/.icewm/winoptions to prevent decoration, and to put it above the dock.
On startup select once the setup options, turn off fullscreen, and select your geometry.
This is a workaround on the wrong usage of SDL mouse handling in the game.