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For Some Local Questions - Alex Ros - 10-12-2013

I have a quite nice set of maps (diffuse, normal, specular and height). Everything is made properly, no cheating with autogenerated maps, so everything's really looks and works fine, at least as a... hmm... pictures, I have not checked it ingame. And just a single crazy question is bothering me. I just thought, could I use a Height Map as a Normal Map B Channel, which is responsible for Z vector, with inverted colors? I presume that's a bad idea as long as... well, as long as that's nonsense. But, maybe, I am wrong and such a trick may lead to some interesting results. I do not know. And, please, don't get me wrong, I am not a lazy son of a bitch. I am asking, not just checking by myself, only because I am waiting for a release of HPL Editor Updated to normally work. So here are some pictures...

Normal map...

Normal map B channel...

Height map...

Height map with inverted colors, presumably, for usage as Normal map B channel...

Thanks in advance!

RE: Height Map as a Normal Map B Channel - Traggey - 10-12-2013

You could, but it doesn't quite work that way, won't give you perfect results, and at worst would screw up your entire map. I'd advice against doing this.

RE: For Questions - Alex Ros - 10-17-2013

What is the cause of the problem, when dynamic objects-items are sometimes "drowning" in walls-floors-ceiling? And I am talking about original non custom dynamic objects-items like, for example, wooden box with normal collision shape. It could happen, "drowning" of the dynamic objects-items, both with statics and with entities. And it's not something unrepeatable, occasional, if you noticed that somewhere that "drowning" problem would be there forever. So I believe there is something certain that causing that.

Thanks in advance!

RE: For Some Local Questions - Alex Ros - 10-20-2013

"Is there anybody out there?" No one knows what is causing the problem with "drowning" of dynamic objects-items thrown, for example, at the wall?

RE: For Some Local Questions - The chaser - 10-20-2013

(10-20-2013, 12:46 AM)Alex Ros Wrote: "Is there anybody out there?" No one knows what is causing the problem with "drowning" of dynamic objects-items thrown, for example, at the wall?

If I knew I had already told you, but I'm not really into a complicated making of normal/height map, so...

Unless someone who is better than me at this comes, you are alone by the moment, I'm sorry Sad

RE: For Some Local Questions - Acies - 10-20-2013

Drowning? I'm not entirely sure of what you are speaking about. There is something odd about height maps for Amnesia - they tend to warp the texture (if that is what you mean when speaking about 'drowning').

Otherwise, if it's not related to textures, but rather in-game physics; could you describe the issue more clearly? And share what type of object/wall causes this issue?