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Minecraft Amnesia video - JanNYuS - 01-11-2014


i made a realistic minecraft amnesia video using the lantern mod.
watch it and tell me what you think.
the part where alexander speaks is suppost to be a flashback
it also uses sound effects and music from A:TDD.

RE: Minecraft Amnesia video - Statyk - 01-11-2014

Pretty clever, though I'd suggest if you do it again, perhaps find a texture pack of sorts that hides the hud (not the arm. Why F1 wouldn't work). It made it a bit less immersive. Also, didn't minecraft recently get an update that allows you to play custom sound files in game by command? Should try getting that working instead of the subtitles.

The lantern mod is pretty neat, even for just a normal game of Minecraft. I liked it.