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RE: Need help with EXEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION - Mudbill - 03-25-2014

I'm afraid I don't know =\
Should this be a hardware related issue, the only thing to do about such is to upgrade it, which may or may not be that easy. If it's software related, then I am not exactly that familiar with the cause of it to know how to fix it.

My guess is that this is an OpenGL issue, possibly your version, although it says you have what should be required. Perhaps try updating your OpenGL version if you can? It could just be that your hardware doesn't support the sufficient version of OpenGL.

You update your OpenGL version by updating your Intel drivers, by the way. Intel does not have good OpenGL support so it might not work at all, but you could try.

RE: Need help with EXEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION - PutraenusAlivius - 03-26-2014

ATTENTION: System does not support const arrays in glsl!

Just ignore the error. It's a problem with Intel only and it don't make anything get a loss in that's visible so just ignore it.

I'm sorry but I'm pretty sure your Graphic Card can't support Amnesia. Mobile IntelĀ® 4 Series Express Chipset Family isn't supported. Intel is Chipsets CANNOT handle Amnesia.

RE: Need help with EXEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION - Mudbill - 03-26-2014

Well, some Intel HD cards can run it, but this probably won't. The only way to fix it would be to upgrade your PC or get a new one.