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Penumbra not working on Mavericks (again) - vanderdulle - 09-28-2014

Since the other thread has been closed, I thought it'd be okay to open a new one - so, the old, known issue is back since the latest Mavericks-Update: I bought the Penumbra-pack, tried to open Overture with the result of the screen turning black and freezing. Mac won't react to anything so I'd have to shut down the hard way.
I also tried the Sudo-workaround with the same effect.

The same applies to Black Plague and Requiem.

Is there any possibility of another patch or workaround coming into play? Please tell me there is.

Attached please find the error code, in case that can be of help.

[Edit: Alright, I guess you can delete this thread since the question got answered in the general Penumbra subforum. Just thought I should post this to the Technical support one. Sorry]

RE: Penumbra not working on Mavericks (again) - Guest - 09-29-2014

FWIW I purchased the collection from GOG a while ago. The reason is first, GOG states the collection can played on Mac OSX. Then in the finer print, it states, except for Mavericks. The reason I mention this is because, I was able to play the Penumbra DEMO in Mavericks which is why I got the collection. The full version still does not work and I'm still waiting for a patch, or upgrade, or something to let us know that Frictional is working on some kind of a fix. I do appreciate the time you're spending on this, but at some point at least let us know what is happening.

RE: Penumbra not working on Mavericks (again) - vanderdulle - 09-29-2014

Here's the answer from another thread:
(09-29-2014, 07:17 AM)jens Wrote: Yes patches are in the works and trying to get them done as soon as possible. Sorry for the delay and I really do hope we have them done soon.

RE: Penumbra not working on Mavericks (again) - Guest - 10-02-2014

The Game Wont Open When I Insert A Graphics Card.
And When The Graphics Isnt There, The Game Opens. (BUT I CAN ONLY SEE A BLACK SCREEN)

RE: Penumbra not working on Mavericks (again) - FatKidWitAJetPak - 10-19-2014

All three work on Yosemite!!! WOOHOO!! Playing now...

Also, the whole launching the game with a sudo command allowed me to play through the first two games on Mavericks without any issues at all.