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About Penumbra (overture) - Taco - 06-07-2009

Ive read up a little bit about the game and I was wandering is the game based on like setting up a base and living off what you can find in the game enviroment or you have to explore and dont get attacked as much as possible and go through the campaign. This game intrests me because Ive always wanted a survival where I can like set up and learn about the opponents (aliesns, zombies, etc). Sounds stupid I know, but just wondering.

RE: About Penumbra (overture) - jssi03 - 06-07-2009

This game is more like a survival horrer much like Resident Evil... The enemies are avoidable and you have little weapenry to go on. It is not a collect and survive game but more like a puzzle mystery game. You find things as you go and use them in the situations you need to. You can pretty much take any path and solve it little by little for a non-linear game play or for more linear gameplay follow the clues exactly to get where you are suppose to go. I personaly like treking out into the unkown and just going head first. I will run through corridors blindy to add more of the fear element and to just see what is around that corner. MUAHAHAHAHAH!!!

RE: About Penumbra (overture) - Kedjane - 06-07-2009

Penumbra is not a "gather to survive" kind of survival horror game. It's linear and there is a plot that you have to follow through with in order to complete the game. It's more of a regular horror game really and there are not that many enemies, though it's still a "survival horror" game because you have to avoid most enemies in order to survive.
If you're looking for something like Brainbread/Zombie Panic/Left 4 Dead (all Steam games) where you have to gather supplies, build barricades and hide this isn't what you're looking for. Penumbra is more of a puzzle horror game where you stack crates to get to higher places, combine different items to solve puzzles and such.