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It doesn't work... - Straxedix - 03-05-2015

Alright, i have 1 area when players enters area monster shall get activated from Inactive to Active.... i got script done and entered level and nothing pops up... seems like script is fine but still SHE doesn't appear ... i am talking about Girl Scary here is script:

Spoiler below!
PHP Code:
void OnStart()

void Appear(string &in asParentstring &in asChildint alState)

Area is called Teleport1... monster is called Girl1 i checked that...

RE: It doesn't work... - Darkfire - 03-05-2015

SetNPC X callbacks are for npc's (obviously), like Agrippa for example. However, monsters aren't npc's. They're entities, which means you have to use SetEntityActive callback.

RE: It doesn't work... - Straxedix - 03-05-2015

Awww okay i did got it wrong : ) Thanks for help +rep !