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Will Someone Trade Me Black Plague? - ArioDargeto - 09-12-2015

I have been trying to find a user willing to trade me Penumbra: Black Plague on Steam. In return I would trade 2 horror games. One of them is Nosferatu: Wrath Of Malachi where a man must brave a partly random generated castle to rescue his family members in time. The more main characters that get killed off, the more powerful the final boss becomes. The second game I am wanting to trade along with Nosferatu is Dementium II HD, it is kind of a Silent Hill meets DOOM horror game and a sequel to the hit game Dementium: The Ward which just got remastered for 3DS.

Anyone willing to trade? I have been wanting to play Black Plague for a long time!

Steam name is Sc1ss0rw4lker

RE: Will Someone Trade Me Black Plague? - Catalyst - 09-12-2015

Black Plague, even the game name is creepy, I've played Black Plague, but I don't have it on Steam. It's scary as hell... I think you are lucky that you don't own this game Wink Just kidding .