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Installation segfault - jokerwww - 07-23-2010


I purchased Penumbra: Overture through the Humble Indie Bundle and have finally gotten around to it, however I'm having trouble with the installation segfaulting:

$ ./
Verifying archive integrity... All good.
Uncompressing Installer for Penumbra: Overture.............
Uncompressing sub archive............................................................
Collecting info for this system...
Operating system: linux
CPU Arch: x86
Nixstaller version 0.5.1, Copyright © 2006 - 2009 of Rick Helmus
Nixstaller comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
Nixstaller is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
under certain conditions; see the about section for details.
./ line 134: 8219 Segmentation fault `pwd`/$FRBIN $ARGS

I have attached the output of running the installer with "sh -x". I haven't attached the hpl.log because "~/.frictionalgames" was not created.

I'm running gentoo ~x86 on a intel core 2 duo, 2GB RAM, NVIDIA 8600M.

Help would be apreciated.

P.S. I've checked the md5sum of the install file and it is correct.

RE: Installation segfault - Urkle - 07-23-2010

Try running the installer with the arguments "--target TempDir --noexec"
cd go into the TempDir and run the "./" manually from there. And even try running the through "sh -x" as something odd is going on there.

You can also force a frontend to the installer via passing --frontend ncurses (or fltk or gtk).

It looks like some program that is running is crashing on your system or causing bash to crash on your system.. (probably a bad version that you have installed)

And the reason there is no ~/.frictionalgames is that is created by the game when ran (which of course hasn't been yet.)

RE: Installation segfault - jokerwww - 07-23-2010

It seems to be a problem with the gtk frontend of the installation, I was able to install the game with the ncurses frontend. I'm goingo to guess the problem is that I have minimal support for gtk installed on my system. Anyway, thanks for the help but I got to go, need to start playing the game...